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Roof trusses – what are they & when do you need one?

A roof truss is a structure designed to support the purlins and roof on a log cabin. They can be near flat as on a Moderna style cabin or pitched as with a Classic, Cottage or Dutch style cabin. The maximum unsupported span is 4800mm, so any cabin over this size will need a [...]

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Not building on the flat needn’t be a slippery slope

If you’ve long considered having a log cabin but have been put off because your garden is undulating or sloping, don’t despair. There are a number of solutions available for even the hilliest land.   A concrete slab is probably the best base if your ground is firm and level. However, this can [...]

Tools & equipment you’ll need to build your log cabin

Tools you'll need to build your log cabin Here we have a handy list of tools and equipment you'll need to build your log cabin. You probably own the essential ones. Screwdriver, spirit level, hammer, mallet, saw, set square, drill, stanley knife, chisel, sealant gun, tape measure (or a ball of string for [...]

How to build a concrete base for your log cabin

In most cases a 100mm thick concrete slab is an ideal base for your log cabin providing the ground is reasonably level and firm. The slab described here is the “above ground” method and includes a damp proof membrane to stop damp rising up through it and to prevent the newly laid concrete drying too [...]

Before you begin building the cabin…

Before you start, its a good idea to get organised and familiarise yourself with the parts and the process - this will save you a lot of time and head scratching later on! When your log cabin is delivered to you, the driver will hand you a parts list for your cabin; a generic construction [...]

Laying out the pressure treated bearers

The cabin sits on a network of pressure treated floor bearers on the concrete base. These support the walls and the floor of the cabin On the parts list you will find the quantity and length of the high pressure impregnated floor bearers usually 58 x 58mm section, and laid in one [...]

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