Trish has been very busy recently setting up her wonderful new treatment room in her garden in Suffolk. The Keops Classic log cabin is set in a secluded part of her garden and provides a calm and private yet welcoming atmosphere for her clients.

As an experienced practioner, Trish offers a range of complementary therapies including Shiatsu, Ayuvedic Marma Massage, head massage and Yoga and excercise along with lifestyle coaching. The cabin is cosy for one to one therapy sessions but the space is also large enough to accommodate small Yoga groups too. If you’re in the Haleworth & Southwold area, Trish offers a free 15 minute phone consultation to help establish the best approach to your wellbeing.

Each one of us has a unique journey through life and our own story to tell. We don’t often give our health a second thought until something goes wrong. Whether or not we have a specific health issue, we have a potential to realise full and vibrant health. My aim is to help individuals realise that incredible potential within their own body.

Trish’s log cabin therapy room specification

  • Keops Interlock Classic style log cabin
  • 4850mm gable x 3950mm eaves x 56mm logs
  • 19 degree apex/ridge roof
  • Ridge height 3058mm, wall height 2138mm
  • Villa type roofing in shaded green
  • 1000mm gable canopy
  • Pine tongue & groove floor with pressure treated bearers
  • Pine tongue & groove vaulted ceiling
  • 1 x WDD34 premium double door 24mm double glazed
  • 3 x VRLO top hinged single windows, double glazed