An estimated 10,000 applications to create garden ‘Granny’ annexes are being made to councils per year according to a study from Churchill Home Insurance. That’s an application every 53 minutes. Out of the 10,000, 82 percent for new or converted garden annexes were accepted. It was also found that asking prices for three and four bedroom homes with a garden annexe can be as much as 27 per cent higher than similar properties without.

Craig Rixon, head of Churchill Home Insurance said, “Whether you are building an annexe for an older relative or just for the additional space, it is often a cheaper and easier alternative than moving to a larger property”.

A breakdown of the figures in the last financial year shows there were an estimated 7000 applications for new garden annexes (those newly built not converted) with 81 percent successful.

An annexe is a fantastic way to have elderly relatives move closer to home whilst still retaining their independence. With rising property prices and high residential care costs for the elderly it can be the ideal solution. Likewise for grown up children who are paying the high costs of renting or who are struggling to save a deposit to get on the property ladder. It can also be the perfect guest accommodation for visiting family or friends.

If the annexe is for family members and classed as a caravan/mobile home, sited within the curtilege of the garden and it’s use ancillary to the main house with shared services and access, then usually all that’s needed is a Certificate of Lawful Development. Caravans/mobile homes are also exempt from Building Regulations control which can save massively on cost.

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