Mr Hugh Jideot wanted a home office that would double as a workshop. The Keops Forest Lodge fitted the bill perfectly and he ordered his log cabin from us last year. Unfortunately when constructing the cabin himself, he got his base measurements slightly wrong and built too near his garden boundary. As a result the 3.9m high cabin fell foul of the permitted development rules.

After a heated debate with his local planning department, Mr Jideot decided to approach the problem from a very different angle. With a scientific background and an interest in Military defence, and after much discussion with Richard here at Keops, he developed a new hi-tech system – Timber With Invisibility Technology.

Now you see it... you don't! Cabin with TWIT technology


Special cameras film the surrounding garden scenery and project it onto the cabin which is clad in a reflective silicone coating material to maximise reflection. As a result, the cabin appears to be invisible. Data on the exact specifications of the technology remain classified.

“I suppose you could describe the Timber With Invisibility Technology as similar to a Harry Potter style invisibility cloak”, said Hugh. “You’d have to actually touch the log cabin to reveal its presence. My wife has given up trying to bring me a morning cup of tea in the cabin”.

“Whenever I see the Local Planning Officer lurking about or any of my nosey, interfering neighbours peering over the hedge, I just flick the switch and my log cabin disappears as if by magic”.

“It has cost me an absolute fortune though”, admitted Hugh. “In hindsight I should’ve taken Richard’s advice and positioned the cabin a bit farther away from my boundary or just spent £150 applying for retrospective planning permission, but where’s the fun in that?…”