Caroline & Tim have kindly sent us some photos and an update of their log cabin and pool project. A super example of combining fitness and leisure in your back garden.

Caroline says, At last I’ve got round to taking a few pictures of the inside of the cabin. As you can see our little pool is quite a basic affair but the log cabin has been a great success and we’ve been able to use the pool all year round instead of a few summer months.

We like to say that we have been so impressed by the service provided and would thoroughly recommend Keops. From the initial enquiry right through to the retro fit of the skylight you were all so friendly, efficient and helpful. That sentiment includes the delivery driver who parked his lorry on the main road half a mile away and did 3 trips down the lane on his forklift to deliver the pallets. The cabin itself was erected in a day and the guys did a great job especially have to work around the pool structure. The quality is excellent and choosing the 56mm timbers makes it a really substantial structure.  We applied the preservative within the week but it took us a while to be able to paint it outside due to the weather turning cold.

A year on (yes I know we’re slow but we have been doing a lot of work on the house too) the pool room is more or less complete bar a few finishing touches and we have added a separate plant room within the pool  room. The second room which is supposed to be a little gym, though fully decorated with a wooden floor installed, is still a tool store. I’ll get there one day!! One of our mistakes was not to initially order a velux skylight but this was retro fitted by you without any problems and makes a huge difference to the pool room.  The main problem we had with the pool now being inside the cabin was condensation in the winter – the extractor/humidistat fan unit we had installed wasn’t enough. Being on a tight budget we couldn’t afford Heat Recovery unit or a pool dehumidifier. We sorted the problem by using a foam heat retention cover which we cut large enough to sit on the pool deck. In winter we supplement this by a bubble heat retention blanket underneath. We now have no condensation problems and only need to run the fan when the pool is in use. This info might be useful for anyone else wanting a cabin pool house unless of course they have an ‘Endless Pool’ which comes with those nice tracked covers”.


Log Cabin Specifications
Keops Classic style log cabin with a steeper 30 degree roof
  • 3950mm x 7000mm in 56mm logs
  • 30 degree apex/ridge roof
  • 3509mm ridge height
  • Black felt roof shingles
  • Pine tongue & groove vaulted ceiling
  • Partition wall to create two rooms – 3950mm x 4800mm & 3950mm x 2200mm
  • 1 x VDD34 double door 3/4 glazed
  • 1 x VDE12 single door 1/2 glazed
  • 1 x VDE00 single door solid wood, interior
  • 1 x VRC single letter box window, high in gable end
  • 2 x VRG double windows
  • Double glazing upgrade to 4/6/4mm
  • 1 x Velux roof window 980 x 780mm
  • Comfort grade roof insulation
  • No floor

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