Chateau Montebello

Chateau Montebello

…is the Chateau Montebello.

The private resort of Montebello, Quebec, Canada, often described as a “log chateau” was built in 1930. The cedar chateau was built by the Swiss-American Hubert Saddlemire who was inspired by the chateaux of the Swiss Alps. He employed 3,500 construction workers at the peak of building and used 10,000 red cedar logs, all cut and set by hand.

For forty years it was privately owned until 1970 when it was taken over by Canadian Pacific Hotels. Today it is a luxury hotel attracting visitors from around the world.

Many of the Montebello Hotel guest rooms feature the outside log cabin wall, so you do get to appreciate the original rustic building. But what I liked best was (according to their website) most rooms have “windows that open for fresh air.” All mod cons…

The World's Largest Log Cabin

The World’s Largest Log Cabin

What with today’s exchange rate a weeks stay at the Montebello in a King Garden View room (not one overlooking the dustbins at the back) will cost you around £2000.

For the same price you could stay at home and opt instead for a Keops Interlock 300 – a 3 x 3m cabin which you can enjoy all year round and just like the Montebello Hotel also includes windows that open for fresh air!