Julia tells us about her project from start to finish.

“I’m a published writer and teacher and bought a cabin to use as a studio space in which to work from home. I’ve got a one bed flat and hate writing in the bedroom. I’ve got a small back garden which has taken a few years to wrestle out of the wilderness – it had a 60ft pear tree in it when I moved in. This year I had some time in early spring and my neighbour needed some work…so we dug out and laid a foundation, a path, and a small patio. I used basic concrete 60cm x 60cm slabs for the cabin base and porphyry cobbles and slabs on the path and patio areas.

Once this was done I had to choose a cabin… I’d left enough space for something that was roughly 240cm x 240cm but everything I looked at was either too big or too flimsy or too expensive… I wanted something sturdy that I could use for most of the year but which wasn’t going to bankrupt me or be some kind of disappointing folly which would leak and fall down in a few seasons.

I chose Keops after what feels like months (if not years) of research because the product was evidently very sturdy and customisable – I could have windows wherever I wanted and I opted for a 240 x 235cm size which gave me a crucial few cms of space. Also I was on a budget and Keops came within my price range.

The build was actually very easy. Taking time to level the base paid off when it came to setting the first few layers and the wood locked together really simply. The high quality of the wood was the other distinguishing feature – there were hardly any split or broken pieces and there were extras provided in case. The cabin came with door and window locks and a surfeit of of nails and screws… The roof was a bit more tricky and I got the neighbour to come and help with that and with laying the shingles, and putting in the windows and doors, but I managed to build it to the beams by myself, something I am very proud of. (Although I think if the size of the cabin had been any bigger it would have been impossible to do without help).



I have since painted it, first with wood preserver, and then with treatments.  I varnished the floor which I also insulated by using some plywood and polystyrene floor insulation under the boards. As I don’t have a car I have bought all the major materials for this project from the internet – the stone, building materials and the cabin – of all the experiences I had with various internet companies Keops were the best – taking time to answer my (several) queries and phone calls and making the process very easy to understand and the packaging and delivery of the product was exemplary. I am writing this as I sit at my new desk with the sun streaming in and the cat snoozing on the mat – and I still can’t quite believe that this beautiful building is in my garden!”


Log cabin specification

  • Keops Interlock log cabin – “Classic” style
  • 2400 x 2350mm
  • 28mm log thickness
  • 360mm standard canopy overhang
  • VDE34 single door 3/4 glazed
  • VRLX wide glazed window panel
  • VRG double window in left side wall
  • 19mm pine tongue and groove ceiling
  • 19mm pine tongue and groove floor
  • Black felt roof shingles