A very interesting interview on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour this week – Jane Garvey chats to 78 year old Val about her decision to have a cabin built in her son’s garden and the advantages of living in her cosy new home. Click here or on the image to hear the interview in full.

Radio 4 Woman

Keops Interlock caravans & mobile homes

Although the interview features a cabin not supplied by us, we have been advising and selling our own Keops Interlock caravans or mobile homes for many years now. It really is a cost effective way to house a relative in your garden, allowing them (and you) mainly independent living in a cosy, purpose built cabin. There is no better way of achieving what you need accommodation wise, with fantastic comfort values, superb appearance and quality at such a beneficially low cost.

So why a caravan or mobile home? There are a number of reasons why we steer our customers down this route. Our log cabins can be made to conform with the legal definitions of a caravan – that is, they are capable of being moved, fall within certain size constraints and are exempt from Building Regulations control which saves dramatic costs usually associated with meeting Building Regulations. The cherry on the top is VAT is reduced to 5% on the supply.

It also simplifies planning permission as laws already exist for siting a caravan in your garden. As it’s use is incidental to the main house, a Certificate of Lawful Development is advised. The purpose of the Lawful Development Certificate is to confirm that (i) the log cabin is in fact a caravan in law and not a building, and (ii) the proposed use does not amount to a new dwelling or change of use, and therefore planning permission is not required.

Take a look at our Keops Interlock caravan and mobile home information. We have a number of typical layouts/floor plans to give you some ideas or a starting point from which to evolve your perfect design. We can tailor make whatever you like, so long as it falls within the size constraints of 6.5 metres by 20 metres (and 3.05m internal height). Our prices start from £12,500 including VAT and construction for the ‘Wren’ – a one bedroom, one bathroom layout measuring 3 metres by 7 metres. For one similar in size to Val’s 28 square metre model, we suggest the ‘Firecrest’ – a  3 room layout at just £13,950 including VAT.

We can also put you in touch with our expert planning consultant who can advise and obtain your Lawful Development Certificate for you.

Let us help further with your project, contact us today for further information.