Keops replaced the existing building at Eckington with a specially designed pavilion style sports and recreation log cabin. The new building is now home to a number of sports teams as well as the local community. A canopy and veranda run right along the length of the cabin and the building is designed for disabled access. Inside there is a large room ideal for all kinds of various activities, along with toilet facilities and changing rooms.


  • Cabin size 20000mm eaves front x 5600mm gable depth
  • Insulated cavity walls to building regs standard
  • 1000mm eaves canopy overhang
  • 1500mm veranda and balustrade
  • Interior walls and interior doors as per plan
  • Felt roof shingles
  • Roof and floor insulation to building regs standard
  • Pine T&G ceiling boards
  • Pine T&G floor boards plus pressure treated timbers
  • 1 x WDD34 premium double door 3/4 glazed
  • 4 x WRG premium double windows
  • 3 x WRM premium single windows
  • 5 x WRC premium letter box windows
  • Gutter system

Floor plan