We had a lovely unexpected visit from one of our oldest customers yesterday.

Mr. Welsby purchased his Keops log cabin from us fifteen years ago. He made such a wonderful  job of the cabin and his garden was so beautiful, that we used his photographs as part of our exhibition displays and literature all those years ago.

Today the cabin looks brand new due to years of loving care using Sikkens products.

Geoff and Babs love their cabin and genuinely say that it is the best thing they have bought during their entire married life (50 years!!)

Most of their time is spent in the log cabin, having dinners and watching the Grand Prix on the big TV (although we believe Geoff has to do this on his own, because he gets a bit heated).

It is also used for entertaining friends, such as Geoff’s fellow model train enthusiasts who call it “Das Fall out Bunker” when Babs has had enough and chucks them out of the house.