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Skye Coorie, the wee Isle of Skye holiday let

Coorie is about embracing all things Scottish in order to find a sense of deep happiness. Well, it sounds good to us, which is why we are following the progress of Skye Coorie with interest. The one bedroom self catering cabin in the Isle of Skye is based on our ‘Wren’ but a little bigger in size. Recently built, they hope to be ready to welcome guests early in 2021. You can read Lauren’s story below or follow Skye Coorie on Facebook.

So, here is our story.

We did literally years of research, into companies and cabin types, as had little disposable income.  In the end we went with a company from Moray, who promptly took our cash up front and ran – no cabin delivered, unfortunately a fraudster.

3 years later, we had scraped enough cash together to try again. We searched and searched but nothing fit our space or budget and there always seemed to be hidden costs or a catch. That was until I stumbled on Keops. We had a good look at their website, saw their Moblie Home range did our sums and contacted them. (After our previous experience I also contacted the local Trading Standards for a background check, obviously they are legit. ?)  I was initially worried about paying in full, prior to the build, as this goes against the previous lesson. But after talking with Rob, and my research on the company, I felt more comfortable with doing it, so we went ahead.

Throughout our process with Keops, the team have been amazing. Nothing was too much trouble, everything was explained clearly and this filled us with confidence, right from the get go. We were able to change things around (window and door placement, plus extend the overall length) very easily and Fiona or Rob kept in constant contact, giving us advice and updates. We built our own foundation plinth, which Fiona passed photos of to the build team for approval, and it was all on track, then Lockdown hit. Initially, we panicked, should we pull out, but I glad to say we stuck with it.  Fiona stayed in touch throughout Lockdown, calling or texting me to let me know how things stood and when things got going again in the factory, we were all set. The day arrived when the cabin arrived, after a wee hiccup due our our single track road, the cabin was safely and professionally forklifted on pallets to the garden.

A week later at no extra cost to us a team of four guys arrived and in 2 days we had a beautiful cabin. I have to admit, after 5 years of struggling and planning I cried. No only from relief that it was finally here, but also because it really is beautiful.  The wood is solid and strong, the fittings on doors and windows are sturdy and chic. It’s cosy and airy. It went up without a hitch. The whole experience with Keops went without a hitch – if you exclude Lockdown delays, which couldn’t be helped.

We opted for the Wren model and like I say, our cabin measures 8 metres by 3. We upgraded to building regs thickness of solid insulation in the roof and floor, because we are right on the shore and get blasted by the winter sea and winds. We also have the box profile roof – it’s gorgeous and sounds so lovely in the rain.

We only have good things to say about it and about Keops and their team. I am recommending them far and wide. In fact, if Skye Coorie (her name) is a success, we will order from Keops again, no hesitation.

So, that’s our experience, please feel free to google Skye Coorie – we have a Facebook and Instagram account – you will see her and I think the quality shines through. We are slowly trying to kit her out, but that is down to us, and I only hope our feeble skills won’t spoil her quality or beauty too much.

Lauren, Skye Coorie

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