According to Guardien, the UK’s no. 1 website for garden security, 1 in 7 gardens will be targeted by thieves this year. So if you have a garden office, summerhouse or log cabin, you will need to consider security and how to deter would be burglars. If you haven’t already done so, start with making a garden inventory or list of all the items in your garden and put a price to each. You’ll probably be surprised at the amount of stuff you have and its value. This is also a good time to think about insurance and if you have adequate cover. Here are a few security points to help make your outbuilding more secure.

Locks and bolts

Security grilles

Security grilles

It goes without saying that all doors should be lockable. Our standard log cabin doors are fitted with mortise locks and our premium ranges are all multi point locking. There is a huge range of locks and bolts for doors and windows available on the market if you need to beef up security.

Security grilles

Security grilles are a cost effective deterrent and a physical barrier against attack. The lockable retractable metal grilles are fitted to the inside of your doors and windows. They discreetly concertina back making them unobtrusive and easily hidden behind curtains. Available in a wide range of colours.

Log cabin shutters for security

Log cabin shutters for security

Window shutters

Not only can window shutters be an effective security measure, but they also look attractive too. Very good protection against vandalism; you’re less likely to get your glass broken than with security grilles. The shutters that we supply are outward opening and fixed to the outside walls and are for use with our premium range of windows that are tilt and turn and open inwards.


There are many types of alarm systems on the market, for indoor and outside use and for all budgets. Consider PIR (passive infra red) sensors, garden laser trip wires, pressure mats and wireless motion sensors.

Security lighting

Movement activated lighting is very effective at determining who is prowling about your garden after dark. Some lights have digital cameras and video attached. In remote areas of your garden, solar powered security lights may be a good solution.

CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras


CCTV (closed circuit television) is becoming a popular choice for security concious homeowners due to falling prices and easy installation. CCTV works best when combined with security lighting. Many are now wireless systems and be be accessed remotely via the internet or smart phone. Some cameras are activated by motion detection – a good idea if you want to reduce the images stored. Position cameras where they can’t be tampered with, but can be easily maintained. You must also consider privacy laws when installing your system outside. It may be a good idea to discuss your plans with your neighbours first.

Property marking

There is a whole range of property making solutions to choose from, many approved by the police. DNA forensic property marking kits mark with a unique DNA code that is almost impossible to get rid of. Suitable for bikes, lawnmowers, computers, electrical equipment, TVs, tools garden furniture etc. Stencil kits are property marking kits that allow you to mark and protect valuable items. Potential burglars or visitors are made aware through warning labels and window stickers.


Hostile planting and gravel

Plants such as holly or pyracantha that are particularly prickly or thorny can be an effective deterent when planted in strategic positions, such as underneath windows or below walls and fences. Crunchy gravel is also good for paths or areas around your cabin.

Ladders tools

Make sure ladders are anchored by chain and padlocked, especially if you are storing them outside and ensure all tools are locked away securely. You don’t want your property burgled with the help of your own tools!

Stay safe folks!