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Keops Interlock saunas & sauna log cabins

After a hard day’s work, what could be more relaxing than time out in your very own sauna? The calming atmosphere provides a great way to switch off and unwind. There are many benefits from taking a regular sauna including increased blood circulation, relief from joint pain, and skin rejuvenation. The heat relaxes muscles and helps to relieve aches and pains, leading to a better night’s sleep. Just a few minutes will lower stress levels, help mental and physical relaxation and release tension.

Sweating caused by the high temperature opens pores which removes toxins from the body and cleanses the skin. It also works positively on the metabolism which results in burning calories and weight loss. You’ll get a mild cardiovascular workout, said to be similar to taking a brisk walk. The heart rate increases and the blood vessels dilate to accommodate the increased blood flow. Using a sauna improves circulation and releases endorphins, those feel good chemicals in the brain.

Ask us about our Keops built in and stand alone saunas. They come in various sizes with everything you need included in our tailor made packages.

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