When deciding to put a log cabin, shed, or garden building in the grounds of your house, you will need to consider whether it will need planning permission or not. In most cases, a building can be put in your garden without applying for planning permission as long as it satisfies certain Permitted Development rules. To help you through these rules and regulations, we’ve put together our “Quick Guide to Permitted Development”. Simply work your way through all the questions answering yes or no to find out whether you can go right ahead with your project or if you need to apply for planning permission.

Before you start – some important notes!

  • This guide relates to planning for England only. The policy in Wales or elsewhere may be different.
  • It applies to houses  (flats, maisonettes or other buildings are not included, neither are the middle houses in a row of terraces).
  • You should also check with your Local Planning Authority if permitted development rights apply as they may have been removed.
  • Permitted development rights may also have been restricted if your house is listed or in a designated area, or sometimes on a  new build estate. Check with your Local Planning Authority in these circumstances.

Are you ready to begin? Please answer all the questions with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ until you reach a conclusion.