Project Description

Improve your well-being with a Keops sauna

Keops Interlock offer two types of sauna construction-

Built in saunas

These are suitable for 45mm log cabins. Two of the walls of the cabin are used for the sauna and the other two sauna walls are interlocked with the external walls.

Free standing saunas

In this case the sauna cubicle is made of four walls all interlocked to each other. There is a also a five sided corner option.

Size options

Width 1950mm or 2450 mm

Depth 1700mm, 1950mm or 2450 mm

Standard sauna package

  • Two or three benches in Abachi wood
  • Backrest in Abachi wood
  • 2 Headrests in Abachi wood
  • Sauna ceiling 28mm thick
  • Sauna door double glazed in tinted heat resistant glass
  • Sauna Heater by Tylo – 8kw single phase with stones
  • Corner Light 40w
  • Corner light shade in abachi wood
  • Bucket and Ladle
  • Thermometer and Hygrometer
  • Timer
  • Vents fixed and variable

Sauna picture gallery