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Roof styles

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Project Description

Roof styles

We offer a number of different roof styles. All have a “roof ridge” which is the highest horizontal length of the roof. The rain falls down from the ‘roof ridge’ to the ‘roof eaves’. Even the Moderna has a “roof ridge” at its highest side.

The roof can be orientated so that the ROOF RIDGE direction runs between the front wall and the back wall OR the right wall and left wall. In other words the ridge direction runs right angles to the front wall OR parallel to the front wall.

Classic apex/ridge

classic apex/ridge roof The Classic apex/ridge roof style with standard 19 degree roof pitch or up to 30 degrees or down to 10 degrees. See our Classic log cabins or our “Broadly Speaking” brochure.

Gable front wall Eaves front wall
classic-gable classic-eaves

Cottage apex/ridge

cottage apex/ridge roofThe Classic apex/ridge roof style with a steep roof pitch of 42 degrees. This roof style is ideal if you want to add a loft. See the Cottage style log cabins or our “To the Point” brochure.

Eaves front wall Gable front wall
cottage-eaves cottage-gable


coloradoThe Dutch roof with dual pitches of 42 and 24 degrees. See our Dutch style log cabins or the “Raising the Roof” brochure.

Gable front wall Eaves front wall
dutch-gable dutch-eaves


quatraThe pyramid roof for Quatra and Penta cabins. See our pyramid style log cabins or the “Shaping up Nicely” brochure.

Front wall Side wall
pyramid-front pyramid-side


moderna near flat roof
The Moderna near flat roof. See our Moderna style log cabins or the “Getting the Low Down” brochure.

Front wall Side wall
moderna-front moderna-side


  1. Andy Roby October 26, 2017 at 7:19 pm - Reply

    Hi Keops,

    We are interested in your log cabins. Do you do Tesla solar tile roofing options? We are very green!


    • Paula October 27, 2017 at 9:35 am - Reply

      Hi Andy,

      We are watching the Tesla solar tiles with interest too. Rumours are they will be introduced to the UK market sometime next year. At the moment there is very little information available on cost (around $42 in the USA per square foot according to some sources) and efficiency. They will be suitable for roof pitches over 14 degrees and half the weight of a ‘standard’ tile but no indication of what a ‘standard’ tile is. Also no information on how they will be fitted or the roof structure required. They do look great but we will have to wait and see…

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