Keops roof insulation

If you are going to be using your log cabin for more than just storage, you may need to consider roof insulation. This is of primary benefit;

  • to conserve heat energy in the cabin
  • to minimise thermal gain in the cabin during hot weather
  • to deaden sound emitting from the building or reduce sound of rain for example
  • reduces risk of condensation forming on some roof covering systems (metal tiles for example)
Keops Interlock - Comfort roof insulation system for log cabins

Comfort grade roof insulation

Our comfort grade of insulation, ideal for offices and such like, is a 50 mm thick composite board of high density rigid urethane insulation material which is overlaid with 11mm OSB. This provides a new wooden “platform” for fixing the felt shingles to. Because the insulation goes above the roof it is necessary to extend the insulation layer over the canopy to prevent there being a step in the roof.

The insulation panels are fixed to the top surface of the roof and the OSB boards present a firm wooden decking onto which the shingles can be fixed. All perimeter edges are lined with pressure treated timber and fascia boards are increased in depth to suit the thicker roof, which are included in the price as part of the system.

  • Roof thickness 80mm

  • U value 0.38 (W/m2K)

Keops Interlock - Construction Building Regulations Roof Insulation

Building Regulations roof insulation

We offer a roof insulation system that complies with Building Regulations control.

This includes damp proof membrane, 50mm rigid urethane insulation followed by 90mm, boarded over and breathable membrane.

  • Roof thickness 154mm

  • U value 0.16 (W/m2K)