Project Description

Morsø 3142 multi fuel stove with squirrel sides

The 3142 is manufactured using the latest combustion principles with tertiary air supply and meets the most stringent environmental requirements. It is equipped with a riddling grate and ashpan, making it easy to remove ash and clean the stove. It can be fired with wood, briquettes or approved smokeless fuel and is suitable for heating an area of up to 75 cubic metres. The characteristic squirrel can still be found on the sides of this compact stove, representing Morsø’s timeless detail and quality.

Morsø 3142 badger multifuel stove for Keops log cabins
Keops & Morso log cabin woodburning stove packages
  • Model 3142 with squirrel sides

  • Multi fuel stove

  • 5.0 KW rating

  • Convector heating

  • Keops/Morsø ‘high velocity’ flue kit

  • Keops/Morsø glass hearth plate

  • Full installation during cabin construction

  • Carbon monoxide monitor

£2,425 including VAT

Delivery and installation included when ordered with your cabin

(England & Wales)

Clearance dimensions A rear B sides C Diag Corner Install
125mm 300mm 100mm No
Morsø 3142 badger multifuel stove dimensions
Morsø hearth flat back

Package includes black glass hearth with flat back

Hearth Width Hearth Depth
1000mm 900mm
General features
Stove Hearths
Flue Kits
Stove Installation