Project Description

Lugarde useful information

Type of wood

All Lugarde summerhouses, log cabins, garages & verandas are made from top quality Northern European pine. The wood is sourced from countries where there are strict government regulations in place to ensure that more trees are planted than cut and the ecological balance is maintained. The wood is allowed to dry to a moisture content of approximately 13-15% to prevent the wood from warping as much as possible.

Wood Treatments

All Lugarde summerhouses and log cabins are delivered untreated as standard. You must treat the wood against the elements as quickly as possible, externally and internally. Sadolin & Sikkens are both excellent products, available in a wide choice of colours and woodstains.

Roof & Floor Insulation

If you plan on using your summerhouse or log cabin for more than just a garden shed, then you may want to consider floor or roof insulation or both. Both types of insulation are easy to fit and should be considered if you want to use your garden building all year round. We offer our Keops Interlock roof and floor insulation. Contact us for more information or to discuss your requirements.


A solid, level, smooth base is essential for all Lugarde buildings. We recommend either a concrete base or building slabs. The laying of perfectly level foundations is the most important part of the preparation work. Done incorrectly this can lead to cracks in the cabin and doors and windows not functioning properly.


Lugarde offer a five year warranty on manufacturing or construction faults. This does not include damage caused by human intervention, animals or natural disasters. Complaints as a result of poorly laid foundations or faulty assembly (if carried out independently), poor maintenance and/or the wrong maintenance materials do not fall under the warranty