Glazing options

Every cabin and its application demands different standards of glazing. Single glazing 4mm thick is our standard supply in the Comfort range but we offer many options.

Any of the glass can be toughened. This provides a safe breakage where the glass disintegrates into tiny pieces rather than breaking into shards. We do not see this providing any extra strength in the glass as a means of security, in fact the glass breaks even easier. We would also comment that the clean up after a breakage is more of a job with toughened glass than with float glass.

However in the situation where someone might fall into the door or window then the risk of very serious injury from cutting is dramatically reduced with toughened glass.

Building regulations Part N demands toughened glass for glazing in doors, side panels and windows below 800 mm height from the floor

Safe Breakage is covered by B.S 6206 1981 Class C

From a practical viewpoint, we see little point in double glazing the cabin if the cabin does not have roof insulation as a priority, simply on the basis that the gain in the overall insulation capacity of the cabin by adding double glazing will be negligible if the primary heat loss zone is through the roof and that remains uncapped. For Reference, 14 mm double glazing (our Comfort grade) has a U value of about 2.4 W/sqm K this is about the same as the 33mm wall logs.

There will be situations where it is necessary to bring glazing up to building regulations standard or it is just preferable. We offer our Premium range of housing quality doors and windows .

With both our ranges, the frames are designed to be suitable to work within the realms of log cabin technology with respect to the natural movements that occur and are allowed for in our designs.

Comfort range glazing

  • 4mm float glass is standard
  • Optional toughened
  • Optional 14mm double glazing
  • Optional toughened 14mm double glazing
  • Optional stipple obscure
  • Optional opaque

Premium range glazing

  • 24mm double glazed float glass is standard
  • Optional toughened 24mm double glazing
  • Optional stipple obscure
  • Optional opaque

Glazing ‘U’ values

Double glazing Thickness mm U Value W/m2K
Comfort 14 2.4
Premium 24 1.8
Velux 24 1.3