Project Description

Heavy weight laminated felt roof shingles

Heavy duty laminated felt shingles in 3 colours

Our new heavy weight laminated felt roof shingles are available in three colours and have a 35 year life expectancy. The reliable and durable two layer bitumen shingles give the roof a more three dimensional look. Choose from three colours – Alabama, Michigan and Ontario. These are suitable on all our log cabins (except Moderna style).

Suitable for

  • Apex/ridge roofsclassic apex/ridge roof
  • cottage apex/ridge roofSteep apex/ridge roofs
  • coloradoDutch roofs
  • quatraPyramid roofs

New heavy weight laminated shingles

Ontario laminated shingles
Michigan roof shingles
Alabama shingles
Alabama roof shingles
Ontario laminated shingles