Keops floor insulation

We provide an excellent floor insulation system. It is essentially a rigid urethane high density insulation board that comes in 2.4m x 1.2m sheets. Both sides are coated in reflective foil.

Keops Interlock - Comfort floor insulation system for log cabins

Comfort grade floor insulation

The material is simply cut to size with a handsaw and laid between the floor bearers of the cabin.

We have several methods for lifting the material off the ground or for supplying a particularly good ventilating damp proof membrane. This will depend on your foundation conditions and we can advise on the best method for your application.

Our insulation upgrade option includes all materials and instructions to complete this work including materials to keep out unwanted pests.

  • Floor thickness 77mm

  • U value 0.38 (W/m2K)

Keops Interlock Building Regulations floor insulation for log cabins

Building Regulations floor insulation

We offer a floor insulation system that complies with Building Regulations control.

This includes damp proof membrane, air gap, 80mm rigid urethane insulation followed by a vapour control barrier.

  • Floor thickness 119mm

  • U value 0.18 (W/m2K)