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Cabin footprint

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Project Description

Cabin footprint

Choose the cabin size width x depth. This is usually based on available space at the site or space required for the intended use of the building or sometimes based on a maximum budget. You can choose a rectangular, square, L shaped or other shaped cabin footprint.

All dimensions are measured to the outside faces of the walls. The building will be slightly larger where the wall logs project from the corner of the cabin approx. 100 mm in each direction. You should also allow space for roof overhangs (see the table) and space to get around the cabin to maintain and decorate (400mm minimum).

For clarity when explaining the cabin, the “Front Wall” is the main focal wall. For a Classic or Cottage style cabin, the gable wall is the pointed gable end wall and the eaves wall is the wall that runs parallel to the ridge of the roof and along which the gutters will run.

Roof overhangs Apex/ridge Dutch Pyramid Moderna
Eaves 180mm 200mm 300mm 250mm
Gable (if at front) 360mm 360mm 300mm 250mm
Gable (if at back) 120mm 120mm 300mm 250mm
Gable (if at side) 220mm 220mm 300mm 250mm

Size price breaks

You can choose ANY width or depth but to get the best value for money it is advisable to stay within our size breaks. For example if you wanted 3.6m we would price for a next size up 3.95m log and cut the size down. Larger sizes over 10m are available.

  • 2.0m
  • 2.45m
  • 3.0m
  • 3.35m
  • 3.95m
  • 4.85m
  • 5.45m
  • 6.0m
  • 6.5m
  • 7.0m
  • 7.5m
  • 8.5m
  • 8.5m
  • 9.0m
  • 9.5m
  • 10.0m

How to work out the cabin height

The standard ridge height depends on the cabin width and can be worked out using the information in our calculations table below.


Roof style Pitch Side height Gable rise (mm)
Classic apex/ridge 19 degrees 2138 mm (16 logs inc. bearers) 0.17 x gable width (mm) + 40mm
Classic apex/ridge 30 degrees 2138 mm (16 logs inc. bearers) 0.29 x gable width (mm) + 40mm
Classic apex/ridge 42 degrees 2333 mm (17.5 logs inc. bearers) 0.45 x gable width (mm) + 40mm
Dutch 42 & 24 degrees 2138 mm (16 logs inc. bearers) 0.33 x gable width (mm) + 40mm
Pyramid 20 degrees 2333 mm (17.5 logs inc. bearers) 0.18 x gable width (mm) + 80mm
Moderna slight 2333 mm (17.5 logs inc. bearers) + 90mm
Garages As above As above + 130mm (extra log) As above
Extra log levels + 130mm
Comfort roof + 56mm
Building regs roof + 136mm
Building regs floor + 40mm


  1. Steve Smerdon July 26, 2018 at 9:22 am - Reply

    Dear Keops
    I am trying to work out the possible height of a cabin and was hoping you could check I am calculating correctly please? I can then decide which windows would be the best fit.
    If I went for a classic cabin with a side height of 2333mm with a 42degree pitch to the roof. The gable width (this I am taking as the width across the ‘end’ section) of this cabin is 2800mm.
    Am I correct then that the height to the ridge (the highest point of the cabin) would be 1300mm (0.45 x 2800 + 40) plus 2333mm (side height) meaning a total height of 3633mm?
    Thanks for your help with my clunky maths!
    Best wishes

    • Paula July 26, 2018 at 2:56 pm - Reply

      Hi Steve,

      Absolutely spot on 🙂 10 out of 10 for your maths!

      If you need roof insulation too don’t forget to add on an extra 56mm.

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