No, we’ve not gone quackers! We were all very excited when Daphne and Dylan the Mallards decided to make our lake their new home. After a few flying visits to check out the facilities, they took to the lake like proverbial ducks to water.

Concerned for their safety and well being and to keep them away from Mr Fox, Richard designed and built the new “duck kennel”. Measuring a spacious 800mm x 1000mm in our finest 28mm log, the Keops Classic style residence features front and back doors both with ramps for easy access. And of course, it’s painted in a very cheery (nearly) duck egg blue…well, what else! The whole thing is built on a floating platform with non slip astro turf decking, which is tethered to the island in the middle of the lake and safe from any predators who may fancy a duck supper.

It’s taken a short while for Daphne and Dylan to get used to their new des res, but now they’re firmly established as the lake’s new residents. Over the last week or two, Daphne has ducked out of the limelight and has hidden herself away. She has rarely left the duck kennel, except to stretch her legs and to feed. If she stays put on her nest for around 28 days, we believe we may shortly hear the splash of tiny webbed feet!

We’ll keep you abreast of progress, just check “Duck Watch” on our blog for regular exciting updates!

p.s. no MP’s expenses were spared in the making of this duck house!