Mr O has recently been in touch for another Keops cabin. It’s now 8 years since he took delivery of his snooker log cabin and he’s still delighted with it. He has sent us some updated photos; the cabin looks amazing – a great place to hang out and enjoy a game or two.

Mr. O had set his heart on having a full size snooker table, but he needed somewhere large enough at home to put it. He approached Keops Interlock to design and build a log cabin of suitable size to fit the garden plot and ensure adequate playing area around the table.

In fact, Keops Interlock were able to provide an even larger building, within his budget, than first envisaged and in this event he was able to include a toilet and space for a bar and for a pool table as well!

Overall the cabin was to measure 6.8m wide x 11.85 m long externally with a wall thickness of 140 mm.

It was a requirement that the log cabin should meet building regulations standard of insulation, necessitating a cavity wall system, comprising 55mm log outer wall, 28 mm log inner wall and rigid ureathane insulation in the 60 mm cavity.

Roof and floor insulation systems were designed to the housing standard U values and double glazing was upgraded to 24mm units.

Mr. O. decided to construct the log cabin himself and Keops Interlock provided detailed instructions for the method of constructing the cavity wall on a sliding bracketry system to allow log cabin natural breathing movements to take place.

We were delighted to receive Mr.O’s letter of thanks and attached photographs together with the offer of using his cabin as a reference in future marketing activities.

Just a quick note to thank you for all your efforts regarding the log cabin. I am really glad we chose you, after all for most non professional users this is a once in a life time purchase. The quality is absolutely superb and the help you gave me in the design process made the end product match my needs exactly.
Mr O