Mr. & Mrs. Miller approached Keops Interlock with very positive ideas for the ultimate design of a one bedroom style log cabin. They had trawled the internet over and over again but could not find an off the shelf design that fitted the bill.


The accommodation had to include a double bedroom with en-suite, a lounge, large enough for sofa bed, table and television, a kitchen large enough for cooking and laundry facilities and a loft area (with very specific means of access) for additional sleeping and/or storage, AND it all had to be within a 30 square meter maximum area to avoid the need for building regulations.

Keops Interlock was able to provide exactly as the Millers wanted. In fact as we were so eager to try out the new ultimate design we even allowed a massive discount in expectation of the volume sales of the Miller Classics that were to follow.

The cabin was to be located within a canal side private garden and would provide self contained accommodation for short stay guests, who were perhaps in the process of moving home or had temporary work in the area.

Keops supplied and constructed the cabin and the Miller’s are thrilled with the result and we are pleased to hear that it has been booked up 100% since. The cabin can be reproduced exactly the same or modified precisely to your requirements.