If you’re thinking of putting a log cabin or summerhouse in your garden next to your boundary to maximise your garden space, you will have to make a decision regarding whether to go down the planning permission route or not. In most cases you are allowed to put an outbuilding in your garden under your permitted development rights. See our guide on planning permission for log cabins.

One of the main permitted development rules concerns the height of the building if it sited within 2m of your garden boundaries. Can you leave a 2m gap between the building and your boundary fence, wall or hedge? If you can’t then the overall height of the building cannot exceed 2.5m in height (or 8 feet 2″) without planning permission being granted. In this case we would recommend a lovely Keops Moderna style log cabin which has a near flat roof with superb EPDM rubber roofing system and is 2.5m tall.

But what if you’re not keen on the Moderna style? If the size of the cabin is not too large the we can offer an apex roof cabin with a lowered roof pitch to keep it under 2.5m. See the pictures for examples of what the shallow pitch cabins look like or read the details of Mr Shuttlewood’s log cabin and Mr Byrne’s log cabin.

Read more about measuring the height of  log cabins.