“It really is quite amazing!” said Mrs Nesta Bird when asked about her very unusual log cabin. “I wrote in to Keops last year for some of the ‘Logcabinus Horizontalus’ seeds after hearing about them at the Chelsea Flower Show. We duly planted one at the bottom of our back garden, and then quite forgot about it. We let it go to seed somewhat. I thought it was all a bit of a lark, then a few weeks ago we noticed a bud forming as if the tree was producing fruit. Since then we’ve watched it grow into this unbelievable cabin, like a giant bird box nesting in the top of the tree. It really is something to crow about!”

When asked what their neighbours thought about the strange cabin, Mrs Bird replied, “They think we’re two planks short of a shed! We get so many visitors that we’ve had to put up a ‘No Hawkers’ sign. I must admit that we’re also very twitchy about winging it with the permitted development rules, we don’t want to fall fowl of the planners.”

“There are some up-sides though”, said Mr Robin Bird, “It has been attracting a lot of wildlife and the views from the top are stunning…I’ve even spotted a pair of tits!”