Why not add a degree of elegance to your log cabin and choose a VRO oval window in your design. They can be added wherever you like but look especially good sited high up in a tall gable wall providing an interesting extra light source. The VRO is a non opening window available with 4mm glazing and measures 500mm x 630mm. Decorative glazing bars are optional.

The window is easily cut in on site. Our pictures below show how to install one.

Postition the window centrally in the gable. Mark around the outside inner edge with a pencil allowing extra millimeters as per the instructions.

Drill four holes large enough to get the jigsaw blade into. The edge of the holes should be within your guide line.

Using a jigsaw carefully cut around the line you have marked. Don’t rush and keep the saw level.

You should have a nice neat hole with straight sides. Tidy up the edges with sandpaper if necessary.

Fit the frame into the hole. The glass is left out until the gable in fixed into place.

The gable is fitted into place with the oval frame.