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Keops Interlock log cabin mobile homes & caravans

For a log cabin to be classed as a mobile home it must fall within the size constraints of 6.8 metres wide by 20m long (but no less than 7m) by 3.05m internal height. Mobile homes are exempt from building regulations and this allows for a lower grade of insulation than normally demanded by building regulations but still entirely practical for comfort. The lower quality insulation saves a dramatic amount of cost and yet gives no apparent downfall in performance. Furthermore the concrete base for a mobile home is also exempt from building regulations, whereas for a permanent building the base also needs to comply with building regulations.

Our mobile homes are constructed in 56 mm thick interlocking wall logs and include comfort grade insulated roof and floor and our premium range 24mm double glazed doors and windows. All partition walls, interior doors, exterior doors and windows and canopies as shown are included in the price. The roof covering is fibre-glass reinforced felt shingles but other options are available. We provide competent contractors for the assembly on site. Internal fittings, fixtures and furniture, kitchens, bathrooms, services etc. are not included.

All plans shown below are just ideas to give you a feel for design and price. You can change any layout to a design that’s perfect for you, just tell us what you’d like.

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