In this video we show you how to fit the EPDM rubber roof to the Keops Moderna style range of log cabins. EPDM (or to give it its full name, Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer) is an excellent long life rubber membrane which is UV, ozone and infrared stable. It will not crack, peel or blister and performs very well in hot or cold environments. All of this means it is an excellent solution for flat or low sloping roofs. It is also economical when compared to felt roofs due to its long life expectancy and is environmentally friendly.

The membrane is supplied large enough to cover the entire roof. It needs to be unfolded and allowed to relax. Then fold back and apply the adhesive to either the roof boards or top ply surface of the insulation roof boards. Our video shows the insulated roof version. Using a soft broom brush over the surface to ease out any creases and air bubbles and to ensure the adhesive makes good contact. Finish off around the top fascias using aluminium trim and cut away any excess. A perfect job and a roof that will perform well for many years to come.