Our felt roofing shingles are easy to fit and can be used on log cabins roofs with a slope of 12 degrees or more.

The tools you will need are a hammer and a sharp knife for trimming. The shingles are fixed to the roof boards (or insulation boards if you have chosen the roof insulation option) with clout nails. 3 shingles make up each 1 metre shingle strip.

First row

Line up the starter strip leaving a 35mm overhang

Starting at the bottom edge of the roof, prepare a starter strip to go along the eaves by cutting the flaps/shingles off the strip.

This should leave you with a rectangle which should overhang the eaves edge by approximately 35mm.

Secure them all along the edge using clout nails and cut off any excess at the end with a sharp knife.

Starting at one end, take a full shingle strip and place it over the starter strip making sure you stagger the joints.

Secure shingles with clout nails as shown

Secure with clout nails in the positions shown in the diagram. In the video you’ll notice our construction team are using a tacking gun. Both methods are fine.

Nail shingles correctly

Do not over hit the nails. The head of the nail should be flush with the tile.

Carry on along in a line with full shingle strips, butting up the joints. Cut away any excess at the end with a knife.

Subsequent rows

Ensure a correct tiling pattern is achieved

Line up a full shingle strip using the guidelines. Make sure your lines are straight and a correct tiling pattern is achieved.

Secure firmly using clout nails as you go. Again trim any excess. Carry on to the top of of the roof with the last course as near to the ridge as possible.

Trim excess shingles with a sharp knife

Ridge tiles

Bend the shingle over the ridge and nail down firmly

Cut each strip into 3 individual tiles as shown.

Bend the shingle over the ridge and nail down firmly.

Make sure the tiles are facing the correct way for the prevailing wind. Take the next shingle and overlap it on top of the first on. Continue along the entire ridge.

Congratulate yourself on a super job!

Cut each strip into 3 individual tiles as shown.Face ridge tiles correct way