If you’re thinking of working from home, then a log cabin office tucked away in your garden could be just the solution you’re looking for. Any of the Keops log cabins you see on our website are suitable as offices. It just comes down to which style you prefer and the size you need. As always with Keops, you have the flexibility to arrange the interior as you wish, maybe divide the space into separate office rooms or put in a store room or a toilet. They are suitable for all year round use, even in the depths of winter (read our blog post!)

There are many advantages to a home or garden office – here a just a few points to consider;

  • A log cabin is an inexpensive means of gaining more space. Often no planning permission is required if you can satisfy the Permitted Development rules.
  • A log cabin office can be much cheaper than renting office space. Its a one off cost and the purchase cost is an acceptable business tax allowance.
  • No commuting or the expenses involved in this. You can eliminate all of your commuting expenses – just take a short stroll down your garden!
  • Tax benefits. Home based businesses can take advantage of a number of business deductions. Check with your local tax office to find out what business expenses are deductable.
  • Eco friendly. Not only will you be reducing your carbon footprint by travelling less, but the wood used in the manufacture of your Keops cabin is responsibly sourced, high density and thermally efficient. Add double glazing and insulation and you reduce the building’s energy use substantially.
  • By having a dedicated space you will be away from home and the distractions associated with it. There is no need to double up on spaces; your dining room will always be free for eating without the table hidden under a pile of papers and your spare bedroom will always be ready for unexpected guests.
  • Flexible hours. Whether you’re an owl or a lark you can work your own hours to suit you, plus you also save time by not having to endure that twice daily commute. You’ll get more sleep in the morning and more time in the evening for leisure and activities.
  • No office politics, which can be physically and mentally draining. You don’t have to be polite and waste time listening to office gossip every morning. You can also cut down on your wardrobe and wear something more comfortable for work, maybe even your slippers!
  • It’s a dedicated space which you can fill with things that inspire you. You’ll also find your peaceful garden outlook inspiring too; you will achieve more.
  • Add value to your property. A house with a valuable extra space or room is going to increase your property price when you come to sell up. A lovely versatile log cabin in your garden will give you the edge over similar properties.