A very happy new year to you all! January is the time for resolutions and good intentions for getting fit during the year. So, if you’ve thought about joining your local gym, why not consider building a home gym in your garden. A log cabin can make an ideal purpose built space without trying to convert your spare room or having to de-clutter your cold and draughty garage.

We can build a gym to exactly suit your requirements and have put together a few pointers and design ideas to help you think about what you’ll need.

  1. What are your objectives and what do you hope to achieve? Do you want to lose weight, get fit, tone up or build up muscle? Who else will use the gym and will you use it together?
  2. Fitness equipment. What type of equipment is a must? Will you need running machines, a cross trainer, dumbbells, free weights, or just a space for stretching, yoga or dancing?
  3. Gym layout. Once you have decided on your equipment, you’ll need to measure it plus the extra space needed when in use to ensure there is plenty of room. You might not want to buy all your equipment in one go, so make sure you have accounted for purchases down the line.

If you are planning on using heavy equipment, we can advise you on adding extra floor bearers underneath the cabin to compensate for the extra weight; and for tall equipment you may need to consider adding some extra height to the cabin. Make sure you measure all equipment and know how much space will be required to use it. Ensure there is enough floor space to stretch and warm up, or for pilates or aerobics if that’s your thing. Mirrors on the walls are a must, especially if you will be doing free weights – good physical form needs to be maintained and a mirror will allow you to do this. We can advise you on how to hang them correctly without impeding the natural movement of the cabin walls.

Decide on your door and windows. You may decide on a double door so that you can get the equipment in and out easily. Windows and Velux allow in plenty of natural light and ventilation, so decide how many you’ll need and where they’ll go. Also consider insulation, not only to keep you cabin warm for all year round use, but also to keep it cool in the summer months.

Will you need an electricity supply? If so you’ll need to decide where sockets will go to power the gym equipment, and where you’ll need lighting. You might also decide on a TV and DVD player to motivate yourself and keep up with fitness routines. We can also advise on putting in a shower and toilet, or maybe a sauna….get in touch to discuss your ideas!