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Dip, dip, hurray! New Lugarde pre-treatment for garden buildings

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Dip, dip, hurray! New Lugarde pre-treatment for garden buildings

Lugarde have introduced a new wood pre-treatment for their garden buildings. The factory finish is available in four transparent colours; blue-grey, white, green and light oak. The entire building is treated including all parts that are normally unreachable after construction and the good news is your summerhouse, log cabin or garage will be maintenance free for up to five years (depending on weather conditions).

Lugarde first pre-treat the building with a colourless base before the top coat colour of your choice is applied. You can choose to have the entire building in one colour or mix and match the doors and windows and floor. Your building is instantly weatherproof and you save time and money by not having to pay expensive decorators charges or waiting for the great British weather to be dry.

As for further maintenance in the years ahead, you will only need to re apply a suitable wood preserver top coat, there is no need to use a base coat. See the pictures for examples of the 4 colours available, or take a look at the Lugarde range of garden buildings.


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  1. Richard Gulliver March 6, 2012 at 12:27 pm - Reply

    The Lugarde new wood pre-treatment, undertaken at the factory, is water based. If I wish to apply a further coat of a wood treatment, does this have to be water based, or can it be solvent based? I am in the UK (Highlands and Islands) so Lugarde’s own products have a high carriage cost. I was thinking of using an ICI product – Weathershield Aquatech opaque – water based. Do you consider this suitable or do you have other any other recommendations?
    Information on this topic may make a useful addition to your web page. At present you simply refer to a ‘suitable wood preserver top coat’.
    Richard Gulliver

  2. Paula March 7, 2012 at 12:32 pm - Reply

    Hi Richard,

    We are not familiar with Weathershield Aquatech opaque wood stain but on reading data sheets for the product it would appear ideal for maintenance coats over the Lugarde pre-treatment.

    We do have experience of Sadolin Superdec, also an opaque finish wood stain and available in many colours. This is also suitable for the purpose.

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