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The case against pressure treatment of log cabins

Many potential customers have pre conceived ideas that pressure treated wall logs for log cabins are essential for the longevity of the cabin. We wish it was as simple as that as we have no problem in carrying out the pressure treatment process. However there are several advantages and disadvantages that need to be considered [...]

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New Sadolin Superdec wood treatment colours

Not only have Sadolin extended their Superdec range of colours, but they've also introduced new Beach Hut colours, RAL and BS4800 colours. That's nearly 300 shades to choose from! Whether you're after a Dark Dusty, Burnt Plum, Hot Lava, Dill Pickle or a Wild Grape, you're sure to find the perfect colour. Sadolin Superdec [...]

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Choosing the right wood treatment for your log cabin

Log cabins can last for generations providing they have been properly maintained. A good finish on the exterior logs is essential if its going to last a lifetime. The wood needs to have a proper finish that can control moisture. A good quality product will repel water (rain and condensation) from the outside but will [...]

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How to apply wood treatments to your log cabin

We highly recommend that you treat your log cabin with wood preservatives as soon as possible after it has been built. The logs will be supplied 'natural' and untreated so it is extremely important that you protect the wood from the elements so that it lasts for years to come. When you are ready to [...]

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