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10,000 applications for new garden annexes

An estimated 10,000 applications to create garden 'Granny' annexes are being made to councils per year according to a study from Churchill Home Insurance. That's an application every 53 minutes. Out of the 10,000, 82 percent for new or converted garden annexes were accepted. It was also found that asking prices for three and [...]

How to measure the height of a log cabin

From which point do you measure the height of a log cabin? The height can be of particular importance if for example you are trying to comply with Permitted Development rules. So where do you measure from? Permitted Development for Householders (Technical Guidance) states that references to height are measured from ground level. Ground level is [...]

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Outbuildings for residential accommodation – a planning grey area

We came across this blog post whilst researching planning laws for outbuildings and it makes very interesting reading. The post by Martin is a reply to a comment on the well known website 'mumsnet' and brings up the subject of planning laws for outbuildings used for residential accommodation. I have decided [...]

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Quick guide to Planning Permission & Permitted Development for log cabins

When deciding to put a log cabin, shed, or garden building in the grounds of your house, you will need to consider whether it will need planning permission or not. In most cases, a building can be put in your garden without applying for planning permission as long as it satisfies certain [...]

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