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A fabulous floating cabin in British Columbia

How would you like to live in this fabulous floating cabin? Margy and Wayne Lutz were committed city dwellers until they bought their floating cabin on Powell Lake, British Columbia in 2006. The two storey cabin measures 20 x 21 feet and sits on top of a cedar log floating raft measuring 40 x 40 [...]

Billionaire spends £150k on a Swiss Chalet Wendy House

A replica Swiss chalet was commissioned by a billionaire for his two children. The four room chalet was made by a British firm in Norfolk and transported over to Switzerland. The two storey, 12ft cabin boasts underfloor heating, fully fitted kitchen and two bedrooms. If your budget won't quite stretch to £150,000, don't worry - [...]

Royal approval for romantic log cabin

It's official! Prince William proposed to girlfriend Kate Middleton last month at the remote Rutundu log cabins in Kenya, Africa. Accessed by a steep mountain climb or helicopter, the basic cabins have few mod cons but it is a place where the Prince can really relax without the usual security worries. The Alaskan style cabins, [...]

Ooh La La…Keops go to France!

Mr & Mrs Willoughby's French adventure. After several visits to us here in Evesham, Mr & Mrs Willoughby decided that the Keops Interlock Two Bedroom Lodge would be perfect for their weekends away in France.They wanted a log cabin large enough for all the family to enjoy the wonderful French countryside and relaxing pace of [...]

The world’s largest log cabin

Chateau Montebello the Chateau Montebello. The private resort of Montebello, Quebec, Canada, often described as a "log chateau" was built in 1930. The cedar chateau was built by the Swiss-American Hubert Saddlemire who was inspired by the chateaux of the Swiss Alps. He employed 3,500 construction workers at the peak of building [...]

Russian gangster & the world’s tallest log cabin

Visit Arkhangelsk in north-west Russia and you can't fail to miss probably the world's tallest log cabin. Built by one time gangster Nikolai Sutyagin and looking like a cross between a pile of timber awaiting bonfire night and a horror fairy tale castle, the wooden house reaches 144ft and has 13 floors.

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