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Timber With Invisibility Technology – it’s the future!

Mr Hugh Jideot wanted a home office that would double as a workshop. The Keops Forest Lodge fitted the bill perfectly and he ordered his log cabin from us last year. Unfortunately when constructing the cabin himself, he got his base measurements slightly wrong and built too near his garden boundary. As a result the [...]

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Log Cabin Technology Reaches Soaring New Heights

"It really is quite amazing!" said Mrs Nesta Bird when asked about her very unusual log cabin. "I wrote in to Keops last year for some of the 'Logcabinus Horizontalus' seeds after hearing about them at the Chelsea Flower Show. We duly planted one at the bottom of our back garden, and then quite forgot about it.

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New Species of Scandinavian Pine Discovered

Botanists have recently discovered a new species of pine tree found to be growing near the Arctic Circle. Similar to other types of Northern Scandinavian pine, it also has a very tight grain and high density but has a very unusual characteristic in that the trees grow horizontally. "I first discovered the Logcabinus Horizontalus whilst conducting a [...]

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