Before you start, its a good idea to get organised and familiarise yourself with the parts and the process – this will save you a lot of time and head scratching later on!

When your log cabin is delivered to you, the driver will hand you a parts list for your cabin; a generic construction booklet will be found wrapped inside the packages. Please familiarise yourself with these two documents.

Organise the parts before you start

Organise the parts before you start

The parts list is very specific to your cabin and is the real clue to how it all fits together.

The generic construction manual guides you through the various stages of assembly in general terms.

Every item is listed on the parts list giving a name of the item, a quantity, a sketch to indicate its general appearance and an overall length. Each item is given a code letter (not on the actual part). On the same document will be a wall plan drawing which calls up the part code needed and pictorially the quantity of each part as you build up the wall.

Before you start the construction of your log cabin it is very important that you check that the parts delivered correspond to the parts list included. Unwrap the parts of the pack, then group and stack them in piles of similar pieces. Check that the sizes and quantity all tally with the parts list. Contact us immediately if you discover anything missing.

Don’t put the parts directly onto a wet or dirty floor as this will soil the wood and will not be easy to remove afterwards.

Ensure that you have all the necessary tools to hand.