Richard and Lois kindly took the time to send us an update on their new Keops Cottage Style log cabin and to tell us that their neighbours have “shed-envy” like you wouldn’t believe. We have to agree that the cabin looks fabulous and we love the colour scheme.


Richard says, “Thank you for your work in organizing everything regarding our new ‘shed’. I’ve finally finished painting it, landscaping the area and putting up the guttering !
Your team were amazing and were very efficient, professional, polite and friendly (even though they finished putting it up in the rain and dark, after a 13 hour day !) I thanked them on the day in telling them how brilliant they were and have sent you some photographs of the building in it’s finished state”.

The Cottage Style log cabin measures 4.85m x 3.5 m in 56mm logs. It features a steep 42 degree roof with Cambridge shingles. Two Velux roof windows allow plenty of light inside the cabin. The door and windows are all double glazed and the cabin has an insulated roof and floor which make it ideal for all year round use. Inside there is a very handy loft area which is accessed by a ladder.

Planning permission was sought for the cabin as it is sited within two metres of a boundary and over 2.5 metres in height. After submitting the application and drawings, permission was granted after a few weeks.

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