Read how Mr W constructed his Lugarde Demy summerhouse.

We took delivery of our Lugarde Prima Demi just before the winter started in earnest. Despite this and with the help of several protective sheets we were able to cover the work throughout. I must say, that when delivered all the timbers were extremely well wrapped and protected. Before construction work started I separated the components into the appropriate groups ready for assembly. This helped the construction phase run smoothly. And you can see in the images that I painted as many pieces as I could manage before assembling on site. I was worried that in mid winter the timber would absorb moisture and wanted to prevent this as much as possible. What you cannot see is that all the timbers received a coat of transparent preservative before construction started. When we did start on site three of us with an average age of around 67 years got all the roof timbers on in two days. It was heavy going but all survived without too many aches and pains.

Building the roof
I had bought extra roof and floor insulation and although all were fairly straightforward to fit the apparent rate of progress slowed from this point forward as details such as the shingles, electrical wiring, guttering and the wood burning stove were added.

The Lugarde kit was excellent. Everything fitted together well but I could see that if one hadn’t paid attention to ensuring the foundations were perfectly level from the start one could have encountered problems when fitting the roof together.

The most nerve racking part was deciding where to cut the hole in the roof for the chimney and actually sizing it correctly. In the event I managed it and the chimney and stove now work perfectly and the sandwich construction of the chimney ensured that it is insulated and does not overheat. So far it seems to have been OK although the outer skin does get hot. The stove is a very small one but throws out a great deal of heat into what is now a well insulated cabin. In fact it can quickly become too warm on even the coldest days.

The snow came before we finished the shingles

I added guttering to control the run off from the roof and to discharge it away from the foundations and I feel that is a helpful addition to make. I have also added some decking to the front and that helps avoid bringing dirt into the cabin. The cabin came into full service approximately five weeks after we started building it. I had help for the initial construction and for completing the roof. The rest I enjoyed doing on my own. Such as sense of achievement to have completed it. I am out there almost every day and have a desk and bookcase in there and use it primarily as a garden office. There’s also a futon and occasionally we use it as an overflow for weekend guests and they seem to enjoy the nights they spend in there. With its light from the north it should be perfect as an artists studio but I have no time for painting yet. Got a few other projects on the books first…

Lugarde log cabin with wood burning stove