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Please fill in this form indicating which brochures you would like. Or to save resources you can download the entire range in PDF format – just click on the images or links below.

Broadly Speaking - Keops Classic style
To the Point - Keops Cottage steep roof style
Raising the Roof - Keops Dutch style
Shaping up Nicely - Keops Quatra & Penta style
Getting the Lowdown - Moderna flat roof style
Straight Out With It - Keops Evesham style
Hammer it Home- Keops garages & workshops
Keops Forest Lodge
Keops Andorra & Monaco Lodges
Keops Two Bedroom Lodge
Lugarde Summerhouses & Log Cabins

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Broadly Speaking

To the Point

Raising the Roof

Shaping up Nicely

Getting the Low Down

Straight out with it

Forest Lodge

Andorra & Monaco Lodges

Two Bedroom Lodge

Hammer it Home