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Project Description

Floor boards and bearers

19mm pine tongue & groove floor boards

The standard floor price includes 19 mm tongue and groove pine floor boards and the supporting network of 58 mm x 58 mm pressure treated floor bearers. We use 19mm pine tongue and groove floor boards.

There is an option to choose 22mm p5 chipboard if you are considering a workshop or maybe a floor covering.

You may choose not to have a wooden floor, in which case we supply pressure treated bearers to go just under the walls.

Floor bearers or joists are pressure treated. We can add extra bearers if the cabin is for gym use or heavy equipment for example.

We use;

  • 58mm x 58mm for non insulated & comfort insulated floors
  • 50mm x 100mm for Building Regulations insulated floors
  • 50mm x 150mm for Mobile home/caravan use

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