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Sarah & Max’s log cabin build video

Thanks to Sarah & Max for sending in this time lapse video of their cabins being built by the Keops team. They chose two log cabins; a gym cabin measuring 3950mm x 6000mm and a workshop cabin measuring 3950mm x 3950mm. Each featured a steeper 30 degree apex ridge roof with a 1 metre canopy [...]

How to fit the EPDM rubber roof to your Keops Moderna log cabin

In this video we show you how to fit the EPDM rubber roof to the Keops Moderna style range of log cabins. EPDM (or to give it it full name, Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer) is an excellent long life rubber membrane which is UV, ozone and infrared stable. It will not crack, peel or blister [...]

Building a Keops log cabin in four and a half minutes

Our time lapse video shows whats involved in the building of a Keops log cabin. From laying out the bearers, building the walls, roof, insulation and fixing the shingles you can watch it all at high speed to give you an overview of how log cabins are constructed.

Building the log cabin walls

Our short video shows the cabin walls of a Keops Forest Lodge being built. It is built on a timber frame instead of the usual concrete base. Take your parts list and ensure that you have stacked all the wall logs as near to their correct position around the base of the cabin. You will [...]

Changing the window frames to fit the wall thickness

Rick explains in this short video how to change the window frames to fit the log thickness of the cabin walls. The doors and windows supplied will have a special U channel type frame. This channel receives the thickness of the wall logs around the door or window. The channel creates a floating frame in [...]

Gables and roof beams

Once you have assembled the correct number of log levels according to your plans, it will be noticed that the side walls are half a log higher than the gable walls. This is correct and is ready to receive the ‘gable’ to complete the wall log puzzle. The gables are usually pre assembled and shaped [...]

How to fit the doors and windows

You have the choice of fitting the doors and windows in two ways; either prepare the doors and windows as described in "Changing your window frames to fit the log thickness of your cabin" and build them into the walls as you stack the wall logs OR build the walls which automatically creates the apertures [...]

Roof boards and rain slats

Before you start, identify the roof boards from the floor boards. Both of these are 19mm thick but will be different lengths. Divide the roof boards equally and place ready either side of the cabin. Fit the first board at the front of the roof, lining it up with the edge of the roof beams. [...]

Fitting the roof insulation

The cabin should be completed to roof level with the roof boards and rain slats fitted. Do not fit the side, front or rear fascia boards yet. You will have received extra materials as stated in your Insulation fitting instructions. The pressure treated timbers are to provide a border down the front edge of the [...]

How to apply the felt roof shingles

Our felt roofing shingles are easy to fit and can be used on log cabins roofs with a slope of 12 degrees or more. The tools you will need are a hammer and a sharp knife for trimming. The shingles are fixed to the roof boards (or insulation boards if you have chosen the roof [...]