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Log Cabin Laughs

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Cabin or boat…boat or cabin?

If you've never been able to decide between buying a lovely log cabin in your garden or spending your money on that boat you've always dreamed of, then this is for you! The glorious "Maid of Dekkin" is up for sale on ebay. The perfect solution of boat and summerhouse with summer terrace!

Nearly new shed for sale on Ebay

That's right folks, this slightly used garden shed is up for grabs - get bidding quickly, you don't want to miss out on this one! A word of caution - we would advise viewing the shed before bidding as descriptions are not always accurate.      

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Mrs Woods gets her ‘Diet Coke’ moment!

Mrs Woods was so delighted with her new Keops Two bedroom Lodge (and the construction) that she felt the need to send us a few pictures... If you'd like our team to build your cabin for you, get in touch for a quote. It's hot work building cabins...

Got too much time on your hands?

Ok, so you've been given too much time off over Christmas. You've watched “The Sound of Music” again, stuffed yourself with turkey and eaten all the Quality Street. What now? Get out that packet of Pretzels left over from boxing day, transport yourself back to your youth and indulge in a "Blue Peter" moment! [...]

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The best in Christmas glass ornaments!!!

Yes folks, we've scoured the internet to bring you the finest selection of Christmas tree ornaments. All, of course, feature log cabins (well, what else did you expect?) and not so strangely all are available from the good ole US of A! Starting from just $9.99 you can "spruce up your tree" and bring homey [...]

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The Hot Dog Log Cabin!

Yes, really!... Unfortunately we can't recommend it as there are no interlocking corner joints but we love the cheese on toast roof and bacon shingles!

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