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The case against twin skin log cabins

The term ‘Twin Skin’ log cabin refers to a design of log cabin wall that is made up of two logs with a gap between them to fill with insulation. The pairs of logs interlock at 90 degrees with other pairs of logs at traditional corner joints. From an engineering view point, we would not [...]

Fitting the roof insulation

The cabin should be completed to roof level with the roof boards and rain slats fitted. Do not fit the side, front or rear fascia boards yet. You will have received extra materials as stated in your Insulation fitting instructions. The pressure treated timbers are to provide a border down the front edge of the [...]

Fitting the floor insulation

For a standard un insulated floor, the floor bearers are designed to run left to right across the building and at intervals of approximately 480-500mm centre distances from front to back. These bearers are supplied as stated in the cabin parts list. This method has open sides. For the insulated floor there are some additional [...]

Baby, its cold outside…

Baby, its cold outside...but it’s very cosy here inside our cabin! We often get asked the questions, "how warm are your log cabins, can they be used all year round and what do you use in the way of heating?" Those who have visited us here in Evesham will know that our office is a [...]